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Monthly Science and Technology Presentations and Discussions

Science on Tap Logo Join the Colorado Springs Science Center for Science on Tap every 2nd Monday of the month at Jack Quinn’s in downtown Colorado Springs.  A wide variety of fascinating topics are presented by local scientists for informal discussion, and the relaxed atmosphere encourages anyone and everyone to come explore the latest ideas in science and technology.  From practical to theoretical, the presentations and group interactions provide a fun and interesting way to gain an understanding of the world around us.


Upcoming presentations: 

Quantum Mechanics for the Beginner
Dr. Ron Furstenau
Professor/USAFA Chemistry Department

March 9, 2015
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Jack Quinn's Irish Alehouse & Pub

Why is an understanding of quantum mechanics important? Quantum mechanics explains the behavior of atoms and molecules. Quantum mechanics is as much of a cornerstone of our fundamental scientific knowledge as are Newton’s laws of motion, our understanding of photosynthesis, basic geometry, or our understanding of how cells function. Is the quantum mechanical model of the atom correct? We don’t know. All that we do know is that it is currently our best model of the atom because it predicts what we see in the laboratory.

Even though quantum mechanics is a mathematical model of atoms, it is better to begin one’s understanding of quantum mechanics qualitatively rather than quantitatively. In this edition of “Science on Tap,” you’ll get a chance to understand the fundamentals of quantum mechanics without the detailed mathematics. By the end of the evening, you’ll have a conversational understanding of quantum mechanics, the modern view of the atom.

Dr. Ron Furstenau teaches chemistry at the USAF Academy and has been a speaker on chemistry-related since 1984. Ron received a B.S. degree from the USAF Academy in chemistry, a M.S. from the University of Nebraska in physical chemistry, and a Ph.D. from Montana State University in chemistry. He has taught classes in general, analytical, environmental, space, and physical chemistry as well as rocket propulsion. His scientific interests include energy, rocket propulsion and catalysis. His is also very active in science outreach activities for kids in the local area.

Science on Tap is a free event and reservations are not required; however, you’ll need to pay for any drinks and food.  Jack Quinn’s is located downtown at 21 S. Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903.