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Colorado Springs Science Center Science on Tap Logo Join the Colorado Springs Science Center for Science on Tap every 2nd Monday of the month at Jack Quinn’s in downtown Colorado Springs.  Presenters begin at 6:30 pm with food and drink available beginning at 6:00 pm.  A wide variety of fascinating topics are presented by local scientists for informal discussion, and the relaxed atmosphere encourages anyone and everyone to come explore the latest ideas in science and technology.  From practical to theoretical, the presentations and group interactions provide a fun and interesting way to gain an understanding of the world around us.


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Monday February 13, 2017
6:00 PM at Jack Quinn's in Downtown Colorado Springs

Sun and Salt?”

“Sun and Salt” is an abbreviation of two things that will work together to make the Earth viable for living things. An item from the Sun is energy for the animals, vegetables, and microorganisms. Humans are exponentially consuming solid (e.g. coal), liquid (e.g. petroleum), and gas (e.g. methane) as fuel for energy, and it is obvious that those diminishing fuels will not last forever. There is a solution. The Sun does provide plenty of energy to the Earth, and we can get the amount we need if we collect it. The numbers show that a lot of solar energy is available, and present technology can work. The “Salt” part of the title is an unusual fluid that is entirely ionic (a salt) that was discovered at the Air Force Academy, along with a nearby research company.


John Wilkes is a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs.  His career started in 1973 at USAFA, continuing until 2012.  John was a research chemist for his entire career at USAFA, as an Air Force officer and a civilian professor.  His research concentrated mainly in synthesis, properties and applications of room temperature molten salts; now called ionic liquids.  Other research topics were energetic materials and hydrogen storage.  He has a BA in Chemistry from the University at Buffalo, and a PhD in Chemistry from Northwestern University.  He is now retired, and living in Douglas County, Colorado


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