explosion hearable in space

Is Explosion Hearable In Space? Grab The Interesting Details Here!!

We live in a millennium era and we are by far too diverse discoveries of the world along with unveiling the secrets of space. Our scientists have looked much beyond our imaginations and helped ordinary people as well to understand different concepts as well.

Space is a whole different place from the earth; there is no living yet explored by scientists. The existence of life hasn’t found there.

The functioning of space isn’t the same as earth one cannot hear sound in space is one instance of it.

We are here explaining if one can hear different explosions taking place in space or not. If you are also interested to know about exciting information, then continue reading the article until the end.

sound in space

Is it possible to hear sound in space?

We all are aware of the science behind the sound that different sound waves go that reach our ear and makes us hear.

However, these sound waves travel through a medium that helps us to communicate from one to another person.

Many scientists have already told the fact that there is no medium in space; hence even if you are screaming, no one can actually hear you. However, it is also said that sound of explosion in space can be heard louder.

NASA has specified that atom per cubic centimeter that cannot pass through a sound wave. Hence you cannot hear in space surely.

The bottom line

From the details stated above, one gets to know several facts related to space. Additionally, the atmosphere of earth and space carries a whole difference.

One cannot actually hear an explosion in space taking place due to the striking of different space rocks in space. Sound travels through a medium, and space doesn’t have one that assists in hearing. So this was a brief regarding the concept of sound in space.


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