How to connect equalizer and receiver?

Everyone likes to hear the music in the way they want and to satisfy their users some of the smartphones are coming with the equalizer option.
However, when it comes to the speaker you cannot equalize the volume of the music for that you need equipment called an equalizer.

They are the device that allows you to adjust the frequency of the music and when you are down to the market for buying it, you can find different brands and models. For the adjustment of frequencies in speakers get to know how to connect equalizer to receiver or stereo system.

Connecting equalizer to the receiver

You can Sync equalizer and stereo receiver and that is going to be the easiest way to adjust the sound in the stereo system. The majority of the receivers are coming with the preamp inor preamp out options and have the tape monitor connections. These are going to be the best way to connect your equalizer with your speakers.


RCA cables

To make the connection between the receiver and equalizer you require two sets of RCA cables. One set is used to connect the preamplifier on the output channels of the receiver and another set to connect the left and right input channels of the equalizer. Before buying it ensure the length of the cable is enough to connect the receiver and equalizer.


After making the connections with the help of the RCA cables you have to check them to get to know whether they are connected properly or not. For that turn on the receiver, amplifier, and the equalizer and now adjust the frequency turntables in the equalizer. According to the frequency response, you will get knowledge about their connection.

Final verdicts

Connecting the equalizer and receiver will become a simple thing when you get to know of it, so make use of this article and grab an idea about the relevant topic.


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