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About Science On Tap

CS Science on Tap is essentially a Café Scientifique (or Science Café for all you English speakers) sponsored by the Colorado Springs Science Center: A group of science enthusiasts and/or interested folks meet at a local bar & grill for food, drinks, and to learn about some cool science topic from a local scientists via an informal presentation and a lengthy Q&A session. It's modeled off Renaissance dinner parties where food and drinks were had while a scientist presented his/her latest results or the French Café Philosophique where local philosophers would gather to discuss lofty ideas over glasses of wine.

Presentations range all the way across the spectrum of Science from Biology to Physics, from theoretical to engineering applications, from informative to controversial... the point is to expand your understanding of the world around you in a fun, laid back atmosphere and spark your natural curiosity.

The presentation format loosely follows this flow:

  • 15 minutes for the presenter to introduce the topic and provide personal insight into the different aspects of that topic (and in a way everyone can understand... plain English)
  • 10 minute break to discuss the information amongst you and your fellow CS Science on Tappers while getting your drinks refilled at the bar or over dinner
  • And then about an hour for a discussion with the presenter to ask questions, provide comments... really delve in and interact with an expert on the topic
  • NOTE: Powerpoint is strictly FORBIDDEN!