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2014 Cool Science Carnival Day


University of Colorado Colorado Springs

1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Welcome to the most fun you have ever had with science! The Cool Science Day at UCCS is a day full of activities that the entire family can enjoy. We are beginning to list the day's activities! We also have exciting shows and presentations running all day.  Check back soon for a listing of those.  Each group will be given a brochure at the Carnival registration desks listing every activity and show with location and times.

Download Your Cool Science Carnival Day Program Here

   Science Explorers Ages 4-17

  • Bringing the zoo to YOU! Meet some of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's animals up-close and personal. 
  • Learn how airplanes fly and stay up in the air.  You operate a model airplane simulator.
  • The demonstration features a real natural gas explosion using a plexi-glass house in a controlled experiment.
  • Entertaining demonstration of electric safety presented by Colorado Springs Utilities professionals.
  • Touch the feathers and talons of a hawk and owl and learn how they have adapted to their style of hunting.
  • Virtual Reality and you!  Immerse yourself by exploring architecture, riding a roller coaster, free-fall past buildings, high speed racing, and other demos in this introduction to virtual reality through the Oculus Rift.
  • Solar energy display with hands on demonstration of the power of the sun for our every day electrical appliances and food.
  • Robots! Robots! Robots!  Come see and operate FIRST Team 662, Rocky Mountain Robotics robot that picks up and shoots 2 foot diameter exercise balls and talk with the students that designed and built it.
  • Safely view the Sun and look for possible Sunspots that might be visible during the Carnival, weather permitting.
  • Display of CSFD HazMat apparatus and equipment.
  • Solar telescopes setup to allow safe observation of our closest star up close. We will also show off Venus during the day if weather cooperates.
  • Championship robotics team 2996 Cougars Gone Wired from Coronado High School will be demonstrating and showing their winning robots.
  • Living with Bears, Lions and other local wildlife.  Hands on displays of skins, skulls and other wildlife items.
  • Grow beautiful and colorful microscale silicate garden crystals in test tubes and take it home with you.
  • Learn about Electricity/Magnetism using Keysight After School Kits
  • What is an Oscilloscope? Use a Keysight oscilloscope to measure everyday signals and electronics.
  • Use and explore different sensory toys and tools for individuals with disabilities.
  • Introduction to veterinary medicine and veterinary technology for children and adults.  Interactive and fun exhibit including microscopic samples of parasites and tissues.  Challenging surgery game for kids.
  • Children age 4 to 17 will build a Model Rocket that will fly and they can keep the model they build.

  • Design a ramp system and figure out what works best!

  • Go Caving!  Crawl through the Cave Simulator.

  • ID Veggies, and take a plant home.

  • Play with Optical Illusions

...and more coming every day


 Science Explorers All Ages

  • Explore the wonders of rock, mineral,and fossil collecting in the Pikes Peak region.
  • Robot demonstration, Great Ball Machine and  LEGO spin art.
  • Learn about hawks, owls eagles, falcons and vultures.
  • You drive the underwater Sea Perch Robot!
  • Learn about the facinating Science of Money, AND there will be some giveaways!
  • COME TOUCH THE PAST!  Touch claws, teeth and skulls of Cretaceous Period animals.  Yeah, that's right, Dinosaurs!
  • Discover the fossils of an ancient redwood forest where miniature three-toed horses and rhinoceros-like creatures once roamed.
  • Our water education experts help you to experiment with a water table diorama to better understand where this precious natural resource comes from and where it goes after you use it.
  • Get close and personal with Colorado's wild animals! Touch a bear skin, identify animal tracks.
  • Explore outer space and the scientific process with fun children's games and activities from the new PBS show, Space Racers.
  • Test Bernoulli principles of flight.  Design a simple airplane, then redesign your unique airplane with the simple household materials provided.
  • Build your own paper rocket and launch it. See if you can make your rocket go further and higher than everyone else.
  • See a MASSIVE LEGO machine in the style of a Rube-Goldberg invention.
  • Microbes on Display!  We will have microscopes, models and activities to learn all about the microbial world, from bacteria to viruse
  • Learn about Colorado Waterways!  Build recycled rafts and  floating them down the 24ft scale model of the Colorado River. Next to the river model, we'll be fishing for magnetic native and invasive fish species of the Colorado waterways.
  • Hey kids!  Learn about confirmation and other cognitive biases.
  • Get on the Air!  Use amateur radios to get on the air for the first time. Get your "QSL" card as a memento of your accomplishment.
  • Learn all about cavities!  How they're filled and how to prevent them.  A chance to win an awesome color changing cup!
  • Extract DNA from strawberries.  Yes, strawberries have DNA!

  • Colorado Wildlife Touch Table with various animal pelts, skulls, & feathers.

  • "Let's Grow! In Colorado Springs" Identify native seeds, see creative and unusual planters.

  • Hands on Geology Lab - Ifind out how caves form.

  • Watch a 3D Printer is action!

  • Ride the Human Powered Rocket Sled.

  • Watch the Narrow Gage Railroad and talk to the Conductors.

  • Sit in a real Baja off-road racecar!

  • Learn how to purify drinking water.

  • Learn about the US Antarctic Program and try on some cold weather gear.

  • Hear without Ears!

....and more coming every day!




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