Colorado Springs Science Center
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Igniting wonder and inspiring curiosity about the world around us

Our plan is to bring high quality science programming to our community every day at the future Colorado Springs Science Center downtown. You can monitor the progress we’ve made and see key milestones ahead as we work towards the goal of building a landmark, leading-edge science and technology center. Your donation today will help bring this center to our community more quickly!

Phase I: Complete!

  • 2007  Planning begins! Strategic plan and revenue projections developed
  • 2009  Colorado Springs Science Center Project (CSSCP) Incorporation and non-profit status achieved
  • 2012  Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) partners with CSSCP and signs a memorandum of understanding to relocate their office in the new CS Science Center building and to co-develop science education programming. 


  • 2010  Colorado Springs Science Festival launched (2013 attendance 10,000+)
  • 2011  Science on Tap launched (2014 average 90+ attendees per month)
  • 2013  Yuri’s Night annual fundraiser begins 
  • 2013  CSSCP office opens downtown and CS Science Festival Director hired
  • 2013  CSSCP included in City for Champions proposal for future 
  • 2013  Enterprise Zone Status awarded

Phase III: In Process

  • 2014  Rebranding CSSCP to Colorado Springs Science Center (CS Science Center)
  • 2014  55+ community volunteers active in CS Science Center's planning and development
  • 2014  Feasibility study/analysis to confirm attendance and revenue projections
  • 2014  Program & Exhibit planning begins
  • 2014  Capital Campaign planning begins
  • 2015  Development fundraising campaign begins to hire key planning staff 
  • 2015  Master Project Plan completed

Phase IV: Starting Soon

  • 2015  Building program & Exhibit program requirement planning
  • 2015  Capital Campaign (quiet phase)
  • 2016  Architectural and Exhibit Concept & Schematic Design    
  • 2017  Capital Campaign (live phase)
  • 2017  Construction documents & pre-construction costing

Phase V:

  • 2018  Science Center construction begins
  • 2018  General Staff hiring & training

Phase VI:

  • 2019  Science Center Staff filled out, fully trained
  • 2019  Capital Campaign & construction complete
  • 2019  The Colorado Springs Science Center opens to the public