Colorado Springs Science Center
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The Mission of The Colorado Springs Science Center:

Igniting wonder and inspiring curiosity about the world around us.

We envision…
…a landmark, leading-edge science and technology center targeting, stimulating, and inspiring the inquisitive mind in all of us, centered in a 60,000 sq. ft., energy-efficient, “living” structure, located within or near downtown Colorado Springs. This center, more than just an exciting place to explore, will be home to a sustainable, collaborative, socially engaged organization managing a dynamic network of science and technology-related programming that reaches out across the breadth of our community.

  • A center of experiences – housing an evolving and dynamic collection of hands-on, experiential science and technology learning exhibits and mind-stimulating activities within a state-of-the-art showcase facility.
  •  A center of connections – creating a forum for the exchange of ideas, a venue for debates, talks, and programs through which our community’s science and technology-related issues can be aired, discussed, and better understood.
  • A center of support – reaching out into our schools and our community’s social groups with programs, curricula, and learning experiences that fuel a greater understanding of how science and technology affects our lives.
  • A center of research – providing science-based resources, facilities, and perspectives to collaborate with regional universities and research organizations with the aim of tackling local problems.
  • A center of community – sustaining an organization of our community that provides a rich, social environment of life-long learning for the inquisitive mind and cultivates a culture of optimism in our community’s future.

Why a science center?

For five simple reasons. We believe that a science center is an innovative strategy to…

  • Enhance our community’s quality of life
  • Strengthen our science and technology-based economy
  • Emphasize the value of science and technology for creating sustainable solutions to local and global challenges
  • Make our community more attractive to a knowledge-based workforce
  • Create a wider access to science and technology for all